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In a previous post, I provided an Introduction to Macroergonomics, which included, among other things, a formal definition:

“the subdiscipline of ergonomics that focuses on the design of the overall work system. Conceptually, a top-down sociotechnical systems approach to the design of work systems and the carry-through of the overall work system characteristics to the microergonomic design of human-job, human-machine, and human-software interfaces to ensure that the entire work system is fully harmonized” (Hendrick & Kleiner, 2002, p. 394).

Below I have listed a sample of the books, chapters, and articles on the topic, along with some of the thought leaders and research facilities conducting working in this area.


Hendrick, H.W., & Kleiner, B.M. (2001). Macroergonomics : An introduction to work system design. Santa Monica, CA: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Hendrick, H.W., & Kleiner, B.M. (2002). Macroergonomics: Theory, methods, and applications. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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Hendrick, H.W. (2007). Macroergonomics: The analysis and design of work systems. In D.A. Boehm-Davis (Ed.), Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Vol. 3 (pp. 44-78). Santa Monica, CA: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.


Applied Ergonomics Special Issue Devoted to Macroergonomics (2008)

Haro, E., & Kleiner, B.M. (2006). Macroergonomics as an organizational process for systems safety. Applied Ergonomics, 39, 450-458.

Holden, R.J., Or, C.K.L., Alper, S.J., Rivera, A.J., & Karsh, B-T. (2008). A change management framework for macroergonomic field research. Applied Ergonomics, 39, 459-474.

Karsh, B., & Brown, R. (2010). Macroergonomics and patient safety: The impact of levels on theory, measurement, analysis and intervention in patient safety research. Applied Ergonomics, 41, 674-681.

Karsh, B., Holden, R.J., Alper, S.J., & Or, C.K.L. (2006). A human factors engineering paradigm for patient safety: Designing to support the performance of the healthcare professional. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 15(Suppl I), i59-i65.

Kleiner, B.M. (2004). Macroergonomics as a large work-system transformation technology. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing, 14, 99-115.

Kleiner, B.M. (2008). Macroergonomics: Work system analysis and design. Human Factors, 50, 461-467.

Thought Leaders

Hal W. Hendrick, Ph.D. (1933-2011)

Brian Kleiner, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech)

Andrew S. Imada, Ph.D. (A.S. Imada & Associates)

Ben-Tzion Karsh, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Research Facilities

University of Wisconsin-Madison MacroErgonomics Safety and Health Laboratory

Virginia Tech Macroergonomics and Group Decision Systems Laboratory

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